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Are there any risks getting tattoos or piercings?

As with any wound there are inherent risks. Your risks are dramatically reduced by following simple aftercare instructions that we provide you with, per KRS codes. As a general rule of thumb, don’t get piercings and tattoos from non-professional “artists” at locations that aren’t inspected and approved by the local health department. The Center for Disease Control in conjunction with the Center for Infectious Diseases have published a Medical Journal (sited below) indicating that you are 4 times more likely to obtain deadly Hepatitis C from non-professional tattoo and piercing artists “in prisons, homes, and other potentially nonsterile settings.”

Center for Disease Control (Medical Journal)
What is the minimum age?

Although, unfortunately, Kentucky state KRS codes does not address a legal age of consent for Tattoos or piercings , we have an ethical standpoint that will not allow us to tattoo a minor under the age of 16 years old. At that age, you will be required, per KRS codes, to sign a notarized consent form that we provide you. You will also need your custodial guardian upon completion of the form.

Do you do custom tattoo designs?

Yes. Actually we all prefer to do custom designs because we want you to be a part of your tattoo’s design process. Long gone are the days of tattoo shop completely reliant of other artist’s “Flash” designs.

Do you do custom Jewelry?

Yes. We are able to both, design and custom order any piece of body jewelry that you can imagine. We have access to precious metals like gold and platinum. We can also have a variety of synthetic and genuine gemstones set in the aforementioned materials.

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Can you tattoo my hands?

Short Answer Yes. Certain portions of the hand will hold ink, while others will not. Tops of hands and fingers are ideal as the skin does not regenerate like the sides or palms of the hand. As a point of ethics we will also not tattoo your hands or fingers if you do not have substantial tattoo coverage already. These types of body art are known as “job stoppers” and usually are reserved for individuals already working in the field of their choice.

How do you price tattoos?

Every shop is different in tattoo pricing. We price our tattoos depending on the following categories: Detail, Size, Placement, Color. For really large pieces and when working with Tribal Art, we go by an hourly rate of $100/hr.

Why is your shop name Tatú? Isn’t it spelled “tattoo”?

We get this a lot. The etymology of the word “tattoo” has its roots in the Polynesian language. The word “tatau” is a conjunction of the words “Tata”, meaning to tap repeatedly by hand, and the word “Au”, which means color. The Tahitians adopted this word to form “Tatu”. We adopted the Tahitian version of the word. But where did the word, “Tattoo”, come from?…you may ask. Traditionally, tattoos where given with a row of needles made of bone on a wooden stick and struck with another wooden dow in a precise tapping motion, hence “Tata”. Sailors traveling through the Polynesian islands would ask for “tata” “au”, evolving the word into English as “tattoo”.