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First of all you may ask, “Why do you spell ‘Tattoo’ wrong?” Let’s clear that up.  The etymology of the word “tattoo” has its roots in the Polynesian language. The word “tatau” is a conjunction of the words “Tata”, meaning to tap repeatedly by hand, and the word “Au”, which means color. The Tahitians adopted this word to form “Tatu”. We adopted the Tahitian version of the word. But where did the word, “Tattoo”, come from?…you may ask. Traditionally, tattoos where given with a row of needles made of bone on a wooden stick and struck with another wooden dow in a precise tapping motion, hence “Tata”. Sailors traveling through the Polynesian islands would ask for “tata” “au”, evolving the word to English as “tattoo”.

We are Kentucky’s premier tattoo & piercing studios. We are changing the way people view tattoo & piercing studios by offering complete transparency and encouraging you to ask us questions. Our goal is to eliminate the preconceived notion that “Mall Shops” don’t compare to stand-alone studios and offer some of the most comforting and clean tattoo & body piercing environments in the United States. We currently have three locations located in Kentucky. Our first studio was opened in Jefferson Mall, Louisville, our second opened in Towne Mall, Elizabethtown, and our most recent addition is located at Mall St. Matthews in Louisville. Come check us out at one of our locations and see why we are Kentucky’s Premier Tattoo & Piercing Studios.


We work with some of the best Aftercare products on the market. H2Ocean!

Anatometal Banner 300x250 We are also very happy to announce that we currently sell Anatometal Jewelry and Custom Design from the best high-end jewelry companies on earth. Expensive? Actually no, we provide you with better prices than you could ever find online. Give us a call at our St. Matthews Store for jewelry prices. 502-259-9990

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